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Lifeline Birmingham - Information for professionals

Lifeline has been providing treatment services for young people in Birmingham since July 2010. During 2011-2012 nearly 400 young people received specialist treatment from our teams with over 800 young people participating in group work and drug and alcohol education.

The key to our success is effective joint working with the wide range of statutory and non-statutory agencies involved in the care of vulnerable young people. Lifeline Birmingham works hard to build the confidence and competence of the wider children's workforce to identify and deal with substance misuse, increasing early identification and referrals into treatment, delivering targeted interventions to young substance users and working with complex families.

The services we offer: Young People's Treatment Team:

The young people's specialist treatment team works closely with partner agencies when a young person is receiving psychosocial, prescribing or harm reduction interventions. The service will promote the participation of parents and carers in their child's care.

Lifeline Birmingham's aim is to build the young person's motivation and capacity to abstain or reduce their substance use and sustain positive changes so that they can achieve their potential, academically, economically and socially. In every case we work with young people as individuals, tackling their substance misuse as one of a number of vulnerabilities with which they present.

Our work for young people using substances involves reducing their immediate risks to ensure they are safe from harm. We work with the young people to reduce the problems they currently face and to improve stability and self-esteem so they are able to engage in positive activities, education, training and employment. Lifeline Birmingham takes a whole family approach to re-establish relationships with family, friends and communities.

Targeted work

Specialist Treatment